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Health and Safety Home Renovations

With everyone spending so much more time indoors this past year, having a safe and healthy home environment has become more important than ever before. Health, especially healthy air, has become a top priority for everyone, and homeowners are making changes to their residences in order to improve the safety of their personal space. Here...

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Home Renovation Costs by Type of Home

A big question we always get is cost, so let’s talk about the costs of common types of home renovations here on Long Island. Please remember we are talking square footage numbers which are not to be taken as exact pricing but as a ballpark cost for your renovations. An sq ft price is a...

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Ways to Update Your Staircase

Looking for ways to update that drab staircase? There are actually a lot of ways to make your old, boring staircase look amazing and showplace worthy. If you are looking for inspiration, here are some great ideas for updating your staircase. Need to Update Your Staircase? Here Are Our Tips First, you can update your...

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Smart Home Tech Trend

When you were younger, you may have watched shows such as “The Jetson’s”, or even the “Smart House” movie on the Disney Channel, and you dreamed about what your home would look like in the future, when all of your home appliances, security and HVAC services were connected. All you would have to do is...

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