Save Money on Roof Repairs

Caring for your roof is incredibly important. Your roof plays a critical part in protecting your home from the elements. If you do not properly care for your roof, you could experience expensive and dangerous damages. Here is how you can save money on roof repairs:

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The key to saving money on roof repairs is maintaining your roof. When maintaining your roof on a routine basis, your roof can better hold up against harsh weather conditions. You may think spending money on routine roof maintenance is too expensive, but routine maintenance is more affordable than roof repairs and other damages your home may encounter when your roof fails to protect your home.

Routine roof maintenance includes roof cleanings. The roof of your home can collect dirt, debris, mold, and algae over time. If left uncleaned, these contaminants can actually damage and weaken your roof. Having your roof cleaned on a routine basis can actually help your roof maintain its strength and increase its longevity.

Roof maintenance can also improve the value of your home. If you plan on selling your home in the future, a well-maintained roof can increase your property’s value, allowing you to sell your home for more money.

A maintained roof is an efficient roof. Windows are usually the culprit for air leakage, but a faulty roof can also cause these problems. When a professional evaluates your roof, they can search for any leaks. When they spot the leak and repair it, this can prevent the leak from getting any bigger and causing more damage. Repairing the leak can also save you money in heating and cooling bills.

As you can see, caring for your roof is incredibly important. For help maintaining your roof, call Noah Construction & Builders at 631-750-2837 today!

What to Know Before Building Your New Deck

Summer is here, which means it’s time to reinvent your outdoor space. If you are considering building a deck in your yard, there are a few things to think about before you begin building. Here is what to know before building your new deck:

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The first thing you should know before building a deck is what size deck you want. Consider what you want to use your deck for. Do you plan on grilling on your deck, or are you just looking for a space to set up a few patio chairs? You also want to consider the size of your yard. You don’t want the deck to take up too much yard space. A professional can help you determine the ideal deck size for your outdoor space.

The next thing you should know before building your deck is what materials you are going to use. The materials you choose depend on your price range and your personal taste. Most decks are made from wood, which can be stained in countless colors to match your home. Other deck material options include aluminum, vinyl, and composite. These materials can be more costly, but they may also match the look you are going for.

Third, consider the features of your deck. Decks are customized to your liking, so think about what enhancements you want your deck to have. Deck railings are a good idea if you want a safe space for children to play. Integrating lighting into your deck design is also a great idea if you want to use your deck day and night. If you live in a colder climate, investing in some heating units for your deck can help you get year-round use out of the space.

Finally, think about deck levels. If you live in a two-story home, you can have a two-story deck. Consider the size of your yard and the layout of your home. A two-story deck is a great way to maximize space.

Keep all of these things in mind when reaching out to Noah Construction & Builders Inc. We can help you build the deck of your dreams. Just contact us at 631-750-2837 for a consultation!

Pre-Remodel Checklist

If you’re getting ready to remodel your home, you probably already have a remodeling checklist. However, you may not have a pre-remodel checklist. This checklist is just as important, as it will help you stay organized and relaxed during the remodeling process. For some pre-remodel checklist ideas, keep reading.

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Your pre-remodel checklist should contain a list of the supplies you need to purchase. Depending on what remodeling projects you are tackling, these supplies can vary. However, almost all remodeling projects require you to move things out of a room and put them into temporary storage. To keep these items organized, consider purchasing some storage supplies. You can use boxes, tape, packing paper, markers, and labels to temporarily move your items.

When packing up your items, keep related items together. For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen, pack all of your pots and pans together. If you have food that needs to be moved, keep all of these items in an easy to access box so you can still snack on your groceries when your kitchen is being remodeled.

It doesn’t hurt to do some cleaning before a remodel. Cleaning up can make it easier for workers to get around your home. Think about adding cleaning to your pre-remodel checklist. Sorting, organizing, and decluttering can help you feel less stressed when it comes time to remodel your home.

If you have decor in your space, don’t forget to remove this decor before a remodel. It may seem obvious to remove items like centerpieces, knick knacks, and vases, but don’t forget about wall art and frames. Keeping your walls empty and clear during a remodel reduces the risk of damage.

The final thing to put on your pre-remodel checklist is finding the perfect construction company! At Noah Construction & Builders, Inc., we can help you remodel any room in your home with professionalism. For further information, give us a call at 631-750-2837 today!

Home Building Questions Answered

Noah Construction & Builders wants our customers to be well informed when it comes to the subject of residential home building. Therefore, we offer some questions and answers that might help improve your understanding of building your first home. As always, we are here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you might have.

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Buy existing or build new?

This simple question can often be the most difficult to answer because a buy versus build decision depends on each person. Some people want the convenience of buying an existing home so they can move in immediately, even if that house doesn’t fully meet their needs. Others want to choose their home style and details from the ground up and are willing to wait for their perfect home to be built. Noah Construction & Builders can help either way because we can build your new home or help renovate an existing home to suit you.

How do I start the process to build a home?

First, research the builders in your area as well as new construction already occurring in the area. Look at reviews, talk to owners who have built recently, and create an outline of what you want your house to be in terms of size and options. Then start interviewing builders you think will meet your needs.

Once I start this process, how long until my home is ready?

The home design and build process can take from six months to a year and can be delayed by weather, materials shortages, or other things not in the builders’ control. Other factors include where the site is located, how much site preparation is needed to build, and so forth.

What other costs occur during my build?

Each builder is different in terms of what costs are included or separated from your contract, but typical extra costs are building permits, water and sewer connections, electrical connections to the utility, wetlands mitigation or seawall construction depending on the area, and so forth. You should discuss this with the builder as your contract is being prepared.

Can I build on a lot I own?

The answer is probably, but you need to understand if there are building restrictions, where utilities are located, the site elevation and whether it tends to flood, any difficulties for delivery trucks to reach the site, and more. All of these issues can increase the cost of your construction.

Should I build for the present or the future?

Homeowners often fail to think about the future when building a new home. As they age, their needs will change such as being able to negotiate stairs, room for wheelchairs, or adding a “bonus” room that could be used differently in the future. Thinking about your future needs can also add resale value later because future buyers may have needs your home design allows for.

Should I compare builders on a cost per square foot basis?

Noah Construction & Builders does not recommend this. This is a number generated for buyers, and there is no consistency among builders about what their cost per square foot may include. Choose your builder by their reputation and quality, not because of a generated number that can’t be compared to other builders.

Should I build up, down, or out to get the space I need?

Building a second floor can result in lower costs since fewer materials are needed, but depending on where you are building it may not be feasible. In coastal areas, a two-story house can experience higher winds on the second-floor level because winds increase with altitude. Local building codes or association rules must also be taken into account. Basements can add a lot of useable space but can slow construction if local weather prevents getting the basement poured on schedule. Also, keep in mind that adding a stairway reduces the space on each floor and could make future use of the second floor or basement more difficult for someone who is disabled. A single-floor home may not fit the lot you have chosen or may have to be configured differently than you expected. These are all issues you should discuss with your builder before signing a contract.

What are the different types of foundations?

The three major types of foundations are slabs, basements, and crawl spaces. A slab foundation sits directly on the ground and is the easiest to prepare but won’t provide any protection from flooding. A basement foundation is the most expensive to prepare but offers a lot of space, storm protection, and easy access to plumbing and utilities. A crawl space creates an elevation above ground that can be useful if an area is subject to flooding but it takes about the same time to build as a basement and the crawl space isn’t useable living space.

How do I make sure not to be hit with extra costs?

When you prepare your building contract, be very specific about what you want. Every feature, option, accessory, and exterior items like porches or decks must be discussed because the builder will use a standard item or feature unless you clearly state what you want. If you find out during construction that you aren’t getting the deck you want but didn’t ask for, you could add a lot of cost to your build. Figure out in detail what you want your house to look like and what features you want before you talk to any builder.

Should I build custom or semi-custom?

A custom home is designed to your specific needs and desires, and you as the homeowner choose virtually every detail to suit you. A semi-custom home is designed by the builder to meet a specific floor plan or lot size, and you can choose options or extras to suit your tastes. Semi-custom homes can cost less because the builder has already incorporated the design into their base cost. It is a matter of personal taste and budget which way you choose.

What is a punch list?

Near the end of construction, you and your builder will walk through the home and look at everything in detail. A punch list is created to give the builder a list of items not yet completed per your contract or something that isn’t working correctly. Unfinished woodwork, painting that needs touchup, light switches that don’t work, or missing hardware on doors are all items that need to be detailed on the punch list. Go through the home very carefully and test everything to be sure it is working as it should or has been built as the contract stated.

What can you do now?

Choosing to build a home is a big decision, and it takes effort on your part before you meet with a builder. Determine where you want your home to be, what you want it to look like, what features you need today and may need in the future, and how much you can afford. You can get pre-approved for a mortgage which will tell you how much you have available to spend on your home. Then contact Noah Construction & Builders and discuss your dreams with us. We will work hard to create a home you can be proud of for years to come.

Choosing the Right Dormer Window for Your Home

If you are using Noah Construction & Builders for a home renovation, a great upgrade is to add dormer windows. A dormer window comes in several styles summarized below with some comments about how they can benefit you and your home.

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Dormer windows offer the following advantages when added to a home:

  • They increase light to the living space
  • They offer added ventilation to areas such as lofts or attics that need it
  • They can add interior space to the room by extending the roofline
  • They add curb appeal by breaking up a long roofline and adding an aesthetic touch


The name describes how this dormer looks because it typically has a smooth radius roof structure over the window that resembles an eye. The roof blends seamlessly into the dormer window.

Arched or Barrel

This dormer has a curved roof resembling a barrel or arch. A barrel dormer can have a higher installation cost because the rounded structure is more complex than a straight roof section.

Flat Roof

A flat roof dormer extends straight out from the roofline with a top that is level, hence the flat roof name. The boxy look may not be attractive as some other styles but it adds a great deal of interior space to the room.

Shed Roof

A shed roof is similar to a flat roof dormer except the roof is sloped toward the window. It has a more appealing look and offers similar advantages of space as a flat roof dormer.

Gabled Roof

A gabled roof dormer is probably the most common dormer seen in home construction. A two-sided roof is placed over the interior space that is blended into the existing roofline. Typically the front of the gable extends out over the window to provide some shade and rain protection. They can be built in a range of sizes to add needed interior space.

Hipped Roof

A hipped roof dormer has three sides, rather than the two sides of a gabled dormer. The three sides meet at the top center of the dormer. This is a more traditional look that may not look as good on a modern home but adds good curb appeal.

Pedimented Roof

A pedimented roof dormer is not built into the house but rather extends from it. Therefore, it normally needs support columns or other structures at the front to support it. A front entrance to a home with a pedimented roof dormer above it is a typical example of this type.

If you are interested in adding light and interior space to your home, Noah Construction & Builders in Bohemia, New York is the perfect solution. We can handle home construction and renovation projects of any size. For more information call (631) 750-2837.

Reasons to Hire a Home Builder

So you’ve decided to build your dream home. You could build your home yourself, but you may not have the skills, tools, and knowledge to do so. Consider these reasons to hire a home builder:

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The first reason to hire a home builder is because home builders have more power than homeowners. A home builder works on homes nonstop. Through their job, they build relationships with suppliers. They may buy items in bulk or they may have special relationships with suppliers, allowing them to get discounts. Through these discounts, you can actually save money by hiring a home builder.

Building a home takes more time than you may think. If you have a full-time job or a family, you may not be able to commit the necessary time to building a home. A home builder’s full-time job is to build your home, so they have plenty of time to tackle projects. A home builder can complete your projects more quickly than you can, which can also save you money.

Even if you are handy, there are some aspects of building a home that you may not be able to handle on your own. If you have a strong understanding of plumbing, that doesn’t make you qualified to work on the electric aspects of your home. Similarly, if you know how to install drywall, that does not mean you are qualified to install a gas line. If you can do a few jobs on your own, that may be helpful, but a home builder can handle jobs that require expertise through a professional approach. Home builders also have connections to good sub-contractors, so you can trust the various people working on your home.

Looking for a home builder? Contact Noah Construction & Builders Inc. You can learn more about our services and arrange for a consultation by calling (631) 750-2837 today!

Tips for a Successful House Extension

You may love the home you currently live in, but you need more space to accommodate your family or your lifestyle. Instead of moving, you can extend your home. For tips for a successful house extension, keep reading.

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The first step in getting a house extension is checking with the local council. Different locations have different requirements for properties. Some areas may not allow for home extensions, while others allow for extensions, but the extensions must meet certain requirements. You may also want to check in with your neighbors. Sometimes earning approval for a house extension requires neighbor approval. If you talk to your neighbors in person, they may be more likely to give you the go ahead.

Once you know what you’re allowed to do, you can set a budget. Be sure to take into consideration your income, monthly expenses, and savings. Determining how much money you can spend on a house extension can give a contractor a better idea of what they are working with.

You should also think about the purpose of your extension. Do you need an additional bedroom for a baby on the way? Are you in need of additional work space? Decide why you are extending your home so you can create the most accommodating extension possible. This will help you better decide where to add the extension and what the extension should include.

Up next, pick the perfect builder. After you find out what your local council allows, you’ve received approval from your neighbors, you’ve set your budget, and you know what you want your extension to be used for, you can contact a builder. With all of this in mind, do your research to find a builder that is most suitable for your specific needs. You want to work with a company that is professional, qualified, and experienced. For your house extension project, consider Noah Construction & Builders! For a consultation, give us a call at (631) 750-2837.

Keeping Your Home Clean During Covid-19

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your home clean and safe. If you are looking for tips on how to keep your home sanitized, you’ve come to the right place. Continue on to learn more about keeping your home clean during COVID-19.

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It is important to know how to clean and disinfect your home. Certain practices should be followed. When cleaning and disinfecting, wear disposable gloves. Surfaces should be cleaned using soap and water. Any frequently touched surface should be cleaned on a routine basis. Some examples of high-touch surfaces include tables, doorknobs, light switches, sinks, faucets, toilets, keyboards, phones, desks, handles, and counter tops.

After cleaning surfaces with soap and water, you should disinfect these surfaces. EPA-registered household disinfectants are recommended. Follow the instructions on the disinfectant’s label to be sure you are using the product safely and correctly. For certain surfaces, diluted household bleach solutions may be used. To make these solutions, mix 5 tablespoons of bleach with 1 gallon of water or 4 teaspoons of bleach with 1 quart of water. Other useful disinfectant products include alcohol solutions with at least 70 percent alcohol.

Don’t forget the soft surfaces in your home. Carpets, rugs, and drapes should also be cleaned and disinfected. Clean these surfaces with soap and water or cleaners designed specifically for these items. If possible, launder these items following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If someone in your home is sick, there are steps you can take to prevent their illness from spreading. First, provide a separate bedroom and bathroom for this individual, if possible. If this individual is well enough to clean the surfaces they use, it is recommended that they do so. However, if the individual is not well enough, a caregiver should wait as long as possible to enter the space and clean it. This gives the bacteria time to dissipate, reducing the caregiver’s risk of infection.

At Noah Construction & Builder, Inc., the safety of our clients is a top priority. If you want to learn more about our services, you can contact us by phone at (631) 750-2837.

Home Improvement Projects That Have the Best Value for Buyers & Sellers

Even though home renovations cost money, they can increase the value of your home. These renovations can pay for themselves. However, not all home renovations improve the value of a property. You can learn which home improvement projects have the best value for buyers and sellers by continuing on.

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Consider starting with the exterior of your home. Installing new roofing to your home can increase the value by 107 percent. A new roof looks great, and it also provides peace of mind. Other exterior renovations that can improve value include new vinyl windows and new vinyl or fiber cement siding.

If you want to tackle interior renovations, definitely consider replacing or refinishing your flooring. New hardwood floors can increase value by 106 percent, while refinished hardwood floors increase value by 100 percent.

If you want to focus your attention on one room of your home, the kitchen is the perfect room to tackle. A kitchen renovation can make a significant impact on the value of your home. By upgrading your kitchen with new flooring, counter tops, cabinets, and appliances, you can see a significant increase in your home’s value.

Don’t forget the systems of your home. Oftentimes buyers are looking for a house that requires minimal upgrades and repairs. A home with an upgraded heating, cooling, and ventilation system can increase the value of your home and attract buyers if you decide to sell.

You can perform these renovations yourself, or you can seek professional help. Working with professionals can assure that your home’s value will increase. When attempting major renovations by yourself, you are risking making mistakes that can actually decrease the value of your home. For peace of mind and incredible quality, opt for Noah Construction and Builders. You can call our team for a consultation at (631) 750-2837. We hope to hear from you soon!

Home Maintenance You Should Perform

Owning a home is a significant investment. Not only is a home expensive, but it’s also designed to keep you safe and comfortable. When owning a home, it’s important to maintain your space to keep your home’s value and to keep you and your family safe. For home maintenance, you should perform, keep reading.

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The first home maintenance you should perform is installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, especially if you own a fireplace. Add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the bedrooms in your home, the kitchen, and any room with a fireplace. Change these batteries twice a year. To make it easy, change the batteries at the same time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

Up next, have the roof of your home inspected. The roof of your home keeps you safe from rain and snow. If there is a leak in your roof, be sure to repair it as soon as possible. A damaged roof can lead to additional problems, including water damage and mold growth.

Gutters are designed to protect the foundation of your home from water damage. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to damage your foundation, which can cause serious problems. Keep your gutters clean throughout the year. The fall is usually the time where gutters are most frequently clogged, so pay extra attention to your gutters during this time.

Up next is the HVAC. The HVAC system controls the climate in your home. A properly functioning HVAC can help your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A properly functioning HVAC also improves the efficiency of your home. You should have your HVAC system checked and cleaned once a year.

For help maintaining your home, reach out to Noah Construction & Builders, Inc. You can contact us by calling (631) 750-2837 today!