At Noah Construction, we are more than a construction company. We are a full-service home builder. Which means we work with you to design & budget and then build your dream home. Saving you most importantly time and money, while never sacrificing on quality.


We are obsessed with making our clients happy and making the process of building your dream home pain free.

Design & Budget

Start with an in-home consultation to understand your wants and needs

We work on the design of your dream home until you’re happy, with your budget in mind

Architectural Plans & Secure Financing

We turn initial designs into full architectural plans – all done in house

A detailed contract, based on your design and budget is provided and we’ll walk you through how to secure financing, if needed

Build Your Dream Home

Once plans and permits are approved, work on your dream home begins

Our talented “design & build” team is with you each step of the process 

Ready to start building your dream home?


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