Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen renovation can transform your home. However, a kitchen renovation can also empty your bank account. It doesn’t have to be like this though. If you want to refresh your kitchen on a budget, keep reading.

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One of the most affordable ways to refresh your kitchen is by updating the cabinets. A fresh coat of paint and some new knobs can make all the difference in your kitchen. You can also switch out the doors of your cabinets for something more modern and updated. You can even remove your cabinets altogether and install open shelves instead.


Another affordable way to renovate your kitchen is by adding organization elements. Not only can this help your kitchen feel more modern, but it can also help you stay organized. Some examples of organization elements include hanging racks, cabinet organizers, and additional shelving.


Many out-of-date kitchens have fluorescent lighting, and nobody likes that. Updating the lighting in your kitchen is yet another affordable and effective renovation idea. Switch out your fluorescent lighting for something more modern and efficient like LED lighting.


Replacing your appliances are expensive, so it may not be something you can afford during your kitchen renovation. However, changing the faucet of your sink is affordable. This subtle change can make a huge difference. You can switch out your faucet for something more modern and sleek, as well as functional. Old sinks are not energy-efficient and many do not have adjustable settings, but new sink faucets do.


Lastly, add a backsplash. If your kitchen does not have a backsplash, adding a backsplash can make your kitchen feel like a brand new room. You can find a variety of options at home improvement stores to match the scheme you already have or to create a new look that is modern and updated.


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2020 Home Improvement Trends

Planning a home improvement project for 2020? If so, you want to keep up with the latest trends. To learn about 2020 home improvement trends, keep reading.

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One of the most popular home improvement projects is resurfacing. Whether you’re removing old carpet to replace it with hardwood floors or you’re replacing the hardwood floors in your kitchen with tile, these projects are among the most common. Putting new surfaces in a room instantly upgrades the space.

Up next, home wellness. Homeowners are learning more and more about the potential toxicity of their homes. In an attempt for more healthy living, homeowners are opting for air purification systems, water purification systems, circadian lighting, and products with nontoxic materials.

A home improvement trend that will likely never go out of style is saving money. Everybody always wants to save money and stretch their dollar. A new way to save money is by installing energy-efficient lighting, insulation, and appliances in your home. These products may be more expensive initially, but their overall costs are lower.

A fresh coat of paint will always be in style. For 2020, consider repainting your home for a more modern and fresh look. Some trendy colors for 2020 include white, muted colors, and dark colors. Repainting a room can give it an entirely new feel for an affordable price.

Once you’ve decided which home remodeling projects you want to tackle in 2020, you can reach out to Noah Construction and Builders, Inc. We are an award-winning company that can help you remodel your home for an excellent price. If you would like to receive a consultation, you can call Noah Construction and Builders, Inc. at (631) 750-2837. We hope to hear from you soon and we look forward to helping you remodel your home!

Don’t Let Cost Per Square Foot Bother You When it Comes to Building a Home

Homebuyers may have heard the term “cost per square foot” as an accurate measurement of the expected cost of building their new home, or a builder may advertise that they can build your home for a specific cost per square foot. The problem with such a claim is that there is no way to accurately state the true cost of a home until a lot is purchased and a final design is approved by the customer. Here is why you should not use cost per square foot as a determination of what home will fit in your budget.

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The cost per square foot is the total cost of the home divided by the livable square footage. The reason it is such a fluid number is what is involved in the total cost of the home. As an example, take two 2000 square foot homes in comparison.

Home 1 — 2000 square feet of livable space with a 200 square foot open deck and a carport.

Home 2 — The same livable square footage, but the buyer opts for a 3-car garage and an 800 square foot screened lanai.

Both homes will have the same cost per square foot because the garage and lanai are not considered livable space. But the total costs for the two homes will be significantly different.

Here is another way cost per square foot can be misleading:

Home 1 — The home is finished by the builder with standard-grade finishing, trim, and paint.

Home 2 — The home is purchased, then the buyer opts for high-end finishes, custom cabinets, and premium countertops and appliances.

Both of these homes were sold at the same cost per square foot, but the second home will cost much more. Custom finishes and treatments can add as much as $40 per square foot to the cost of a home!

Noah Construction and Builders understand that homebuyers are trying to keep within a budget when building a new home, and it may be tempting to use cost per square foot as a determination of which home and even which builder to use. But be cautious of any builder claiming they can provide a new home for a specific cost; there are too many variables involved that can quickly cause the home cost to exceed your budget.

If you would like more information on how Noah Construction and Builders can help you with your new home or existing home repair or renovation, please call us at (631) 750-2837. We will always be transparent in our pricing and give you a clear understanding of the costs involved in any home design or renovation.

Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Windows

If you have older windows in your home, you should consider replacing them using Noah Construction & Builders. Not only will new windows increase the value of your home, but they also offer better energy efficiency and will improve the curb appeal of your property.

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Approximately 30 percent of your energy cost is due to lost heat or cooling through the windows. This number may even be higher if your windows are single-pane or don’t seal correctly. New windows can also improve safety since they are more difficult to break into and tempered glass or film technology can protect the occupants if a window is broken. In Florida, new windows can also be made stronger and more resistant to breakage in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Curb appeal may not be your primary motivation to replace windows, but it can be important if you are considering selling your home. A buyer’s first look at your home goes a long way to making the right impression. Selling your home as energy efficient with new windows is becoming more important as utility costs rise.

Comfort factor is another reason to upgrade your windows. New windows allow good light to enter your home while blocking UV rays which can damage or fade furnishings inside. New windows also have better maintenance-free materials which will require less painting and repair over time.

If you feel it is time to replace your home’s windows, then contact Noah Construction & Builders today for an estimate. We offer a no-cost consultation about any of your home improvement projects and we are licensed and insured for your protection. Call us today at (631) 750-2837.

Using a Loan to Pay for Home Renovations

When is the Right Time To Consider a Home Renovation Loan?

It’s hard to decide exactly when it’s time to take out a loan to handle a home improvement project. It could be either for a necessity or a preference. A person’s home is the most important place in their life. They should be safe and comfortable at content in their own dwelling.

home renovations in Long Island Suffolk County

So with that in mind, the team here at Noah Construction & Builders wanted to give you a few tips on figuring out which is right for you:

How Do You Actually Decide on the Right One?

This is something that will depend on your own, the personal financial situation. What you can spend and what you can afford all factors greatly into which type of loan would be best for you.

Common Traps and Problem

If resale and investment value is something that is important to you, then you may want to consider the cost of the renovation vs. the increase in property value that it offers.

What Types of Fees Can You Expect?

The costs and fees associated with a home renovation loan can also vary greatly, depending on the one you opt for. Here are some of the options:

  • Personal loans
  • FHA loans
  • Cash-out mortgage refinance
  • Home equity loan or line of credit

And no matter which option you ultimately end up going with in regards to the loan you get, your friends at Noah Construction & Builders can take care of the actual project for you. You can give us a call and speak with one of our renovation professionals over the phone at (631) 750-2837.

Reasons to Consider Extending Your Home

When you first purchase a home, you typically buy for space you currently need, not the need that may arise in the future. We tend to think that it just means it’s time to upgrade to a bigger house. However, extending on your current home may actually be more cost-effective and simpler than moving!

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For many, moving is a time consuming and stressful time. Adding on to your house eliminates the need to pack up an entire home, make a new house your own, and adjusting to living in a new space. This is especially more difficult if you add children and pets to the mix.

Extending your home is usually less expensive than purchasing a bigger house. You’ll be able to take out a much smaller loan if necessary. Refinancing your mortgage could even be an option to cover the expenses. Investing more into your current home will likely increase your profits if you do sell down the line, as you’ll be able to charge for more square footage.

One of the biggest bonuses of adding a new room to your existing house is that every choice is up to you. You get to pick the aesthetic, design, materials, and layout. It can be customized to suit your exact needs while searching for a house that meets everything on your checklist could take months, if not longer.

If you’re considering expansion, give us a call at Noah Construction. We’re a family-owned business with over forty years of experience in total home remodeling. We’ll work with you to ensure your project is done perfectly and professionally with as little disturbance to your day to day life as possible. We will deliver quality and craftsmanship unlike any other! Feel free to give us a call or head over to our website to schedule a consultation online today!

A Guide To Remodeling Your Front Entrance

The front entrance of your home is your guests’ first impression of your living space. You want to make a warm and grand impression on guests when they visit you. If you are feeling bored or underwhelmed with your current front entrance, read on for a guide to remodeling your front entrance.

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One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to remodel the front entrance of your home is by adding lighting. Add lighting to the walkway of your home not only brightens the feel, but it creates a safe walkway for your guests when they enter or leave your house after sunset.

Next, accessorize. Add some flowers or landscaping to your front entrance to add some color and texture to your home. Even something as simple as a welcome mat can make all the difference.

Your front door can say a lot about your home. When picking a front door, consider something that matches the design style of your home. The color of your front door is also important. If your front door is a dark color, like black or navy blue, consider switching it up and changing it to a white or yellow color. This can help guests feel more welcome before they even step into your home.

Do you have a porch in front of your house? If not, add one! A porch creates a cozy and warm atmosphere at the front of your home. It is also a great place to sit back and relax after a long day. Putting in a porch is simple, easy, and can completely change the mood of your front entrance for the better.

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Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to prepare your home for the cold weather. Taking the necessary steps to prep your home for winter can prevent damage and help you save money. For tips for getting your home ready for winter, just keep reading.

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The first thing to do when winter approaches are to protect your pipes. Water expands as it freezes, which means pipes with water inside can burst. Protect your pipes by making sure they are crack-free and warm all winter.

Next, check the heat. Make sure your furnace and blowers are operating as they should before it’s time to turn on the heat. This way, you can be sure everything is running right before heat is necessary.

Don’t forget to maintain the exterior of your home when winter approaches. If you have any lawn equipment, clean and store this equipment after tending to your yard in the fall. Any gas-powered equipment, such as mowers, trimmers, tillers, or chippers, can benefit from being stored away in the winter.

Your fireplace and your chimney need to be tended to before winter. A professional chimney sweep can clean out the soot and debris in your chimney to prevent any accidental fires.

To keep the cold out, seal your doors and windows with caulk. The nooks and crannies of your entryways can let in the cold. This cold can cause you to turn up your heat, which costs money. Sealing cracks can reduce your need to crank the heat, which can save you money and keep you warm all winter long.

Follow these tips to prep your home for winter. If you’re in need of some assistance when prepping your home for winter, reach out to Noah Construction and Builders. We can help you get your home ready for winter or we can remodel your home. Reach out to us by giving us a call at (631) 750-2837 today!

The Values of Home Improvements

One of the biggest obsessions amongst homeowners concerns value. Watching your home value bounce around at the whims of a changing housing market can be a nerve-wracking experience and it’s not uncommon to want more control over that process.

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The good news is, while you can’t control the housing market, you can at least increase the value of your home. A recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that improving your home can make it easier to move on the market and can also raise the price that you can confidently ask for it.

A document prepared by the NAR, the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, reviewed 20 home improvements and collected information from homeowners that have attempted them. The survey, conducted in preparation of the report, found that 74% of homeowners were more inclined to keep their homes after the improvements.

Naturally, some improvements have a greater return on investment, with kitchen renovations receiving the highest score possible. Some 93% of homeowners expressed a greater desire to be home since completing the project and 95% said it added to the enjoyment of being at home. Another pair of projects that received top marks in the survey were closet upgrades. Whether it is adding more closets or expanding upon existing spaces, closet upgrades fix many of the minor frustrations homeowners experience on a regular basis and create more joyful spaces with more capacity.

As the results of this report show, improving your home can make a significant impact on both your home value and your own personal satisfaction. So whether its a kitchen or closet upgrade or even just a simple repaint of the interior, it’s worth considering a few renovations for your space.

Noah Construction & Builders is a fully licensed and family-owned construction company with over 35 years of experience working in construction. Specializing in large-scale residential construction and renovation, we have just the expertise you need to make your dreams a reality. If you have any questions about renovating your space, give us a call at (631) 750-2837. We look forward to helping you!

Fall Preparation Checklist For Your Garden, Lawn, and Home

As cool weather slowly sets in, it’s time to think about how to best ready your home, lawn, and garden for those winter months. We’re not talking about renovations here (though don’t skip out on home maintenance, of course!). Rather, we’re going to outline some simple ways you can beautify your property for the season.

fall prep for your garden lawn and home long island

The exterior of your home should be decorated with seasonal colors—think leaves and autumn plants—to create a sense of matching atmosphere. We think it is best to avoid too many decorations that are specific to a holiday and to work a little broader. That way, you aren’t constantly having to change things from month to month. One of the best decorations for autumn and winter are lights. With the days growing shorter they can brighten up those early evenings with a sense of warmth. We recommend going with white or yellow, to better match the colors of the season.

It’s also a good time to change your lawn maintenance routine. In addition to cutting it (which you can get away with doing less frequently once summer’s gone), you’ll need to be on the lookout for downed branches. On top of this, fallen leaves need to be raked and removed. If you don’t want to do it for the sake of keeping things tidy, then do it for the health of your lawn. Though they will eventually break down, leaves that clump together can harm the lawn itself.

Finally, get your hands dirty in the garden. Besides cleaning debris out of it, you’ll want to consider removing any garden fencing you have once winter comes. That’s because the changes in the ground can misshape or even destroy barriers you’ve set in place. You may spend more time reinstalling it when spring arrives, but you’ll save money by not having to replace it entirely.

Let Noah Construction and Builders help you get your home ready for the season. Visit us at 80 Orville Drive, Suite 116, in Bohemia, New York, or talk with one of our experts by calling 631-750-2837.