You Might Not Notice These Sources of Roof Damage

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As a homeowner, you know the many things that can damage your roof. Most commonly, you may worry about snow and ice caving in your roof during the winter. Not many people realize that there are other factors that can be the source of significant roof damage. Here are some sources of roof damage that you might not notice.

Wild Animals

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Birds, squirrels, chipmunks and other critters can get on top of your roof and start destroying it. Birds can turn your roof and gutters into nesting areas while squirrels and raccoons can climb your house onto your roof and scratch at it. There may even be a hole in your roof that has been serving as their shelter, further increasing damage.

Weather and Shingles

Harsh weather conditions can cause roof damage. If your shingles are warped or damaged, they will easily come off your roof, even when weather isn’t that bad.


Nails are what hold your roof together. They help keep the gutters and everything that protects your home from damage in place. Loose nails can cause huge problems. They can fall off your roof and end up in gutters or embed themselves into other pieces of your roofing, causing damage and weakness in that spot.

Noises and Airflow

Strange noises and airflow can be a sign that your roof is damaged. If you realize that there is airflow coming through your house that is not normal, or if you hear a whistling sound like the wind, there is probably an opening somewhere in your home. That place could be the roof.

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