Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Windows

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If you have older windows in your home, you should consider replacing them using Noah Construction & Builders. Not only will new windows increase the value of your home, but they also offer better energy efficiency and will improve the curb appeal of your property.

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Approximately 30 percent of your energy cost is due to lost heat or cooling through the windows. This number may even be higher if your windows are single-pane or don’t seal correctly. New windows can also improve safety since they are more difficult to break into and tempered glass or film technology can protect the occupants if a window is broken. In Florida, new windows can also be made stronger and more resistant to breakage in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Curb appeal may not be your primary motivation to replace windows, but it can be important if you are considering selling your home. A buyer’s first look at your home goes a long way to making the right impression. Selling your home as energy efficient with new windows is becoming more important as utility costs rise.

Comfort factor is another reason to upgrade your windows. New windows allow good light to enter your home while blocking UV rays which can damage or fade furnishings inside. New windows also have better maintenance-free materials which will require less painting and repair over time.

If you feel it is time to replace your home’s windows, then contact Noah Construction & Builders today for an estimate. We offer a no-cost consultation about any of your home improvement projects and we are licensed and insured for your protection. Call us today at (631) 750-2837.

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