What Happens After My Renovation Is Complete?

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At Noah, we like to think of every client we partner with as part of our family. It’s for this same reason that we take pride in every home we build as if it were our own. With that said, even the best craftsmanship is susceptible to wear and tear over time so what happens to you and your home once we complete your renovation? Well, unlike many of our competitors, we offer a service plan that won’t leave you out in the rain in the event something breaks down. Below you’ll learn what’s included in our plan and what makes it a good investment.

Why Do I Need A Service Plan For My Home?

The average home maintenance cost per year is hard to put a definitive figure on considering it varies depending on numerous factors like age of the home and how extreme your area’s weather conditions are to name a few. A general rule of thumb however is to expect to budget $1 per square foot of the home annually. In most people’s cases, the home is more than likely the biggest and most expensive investment they’ll make over the course of their life so wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it in the best possible condition?

That’s where we come in, since we know your house better than anyone, we’ll be the only contact you need as opposed to having to keep a long list of plumbers, roofers, landscapers, etc. who will all likely charge you an arm and a leg since they don’t know you personally.


Services Included:

  • FREE Spring & Fall Check Ups: During these visits we’ll perform a thorough assessment of the property to ensure everything is working properly for the upcoming season including opening/closing water lines, checking hose bids, and inspecting your gutters and roof.
  • 2 FREE Emergency Visits: We understand that certain repairs require immediate attention in order to prevent further damage which can be stressful enough so we won’t charge in these instances.
  • 10% OFF Labor & Materials: If we find anything that does need to be addressed, we’ll diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs at a discounted rate than your local handyman.
  • Access to our Network of Trusted Partners: If you require larger jobs like appliance replacement, power washing, landscaping, etc. we can put you in touch with our partners who we have long-lasting relationships with and will take care of you. Don’t get stuck overpaying at a big box store!
  • Transferable: If you ever choose to sell your home, we’ll give you the option to transfer the contract over to the new owners, which provides great value for both parties!

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