Ways to Winterize your Home

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While we all look forward to the holidays, the winter weather poses many potential risks especially for homeowners. Here are some things to keep in mind so that you and your family aren’t left out in the cold! 

Service Your Heating System

Whether you have a boiler or an HVAC system, make sure you take the time to have them serviced in advance. Keep in mind that as it gets colder, companies get busier and the last thing you’ll want is for something to go wrong right before or during a storm leaving you without heat and not able to get an appointment right away! It is also recommended that you change the filters approximately every 3 months but it’s always better to play it safe and double check leading into the winter.

Keep The Cold Air Out

Inspect your windows and doors for cracks or gaps which can develop over time allowing cold air to seep into your home and increasing your heating costs as a result. If so, simply plug up those areas with caulk and install thick curtains as extra reinforcement to block the cold air from getting through. Believe it or not cold air can also get in through your electrical outlets. An easy and affordable solution is to install foam-rubber outlet gaskets.

Decorate Safely

There are several common mistakes homeowners make each year when putting up their lights for the holidays. First, we don’t recommend stapling lights to your roof! While this might seem easier it can lead to leaks over time. Also, make sure you are following proper electrical safety when setting up your holiday decorations both inside and out because each year household fires tend to increase in December due to the increased electrical use.

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Replace Your Screens

Don’t forget to replace your screens with a storm window or door. Not only will this help to prevent drafts from getting in but it will also protect you from damage to the screen or your primary windows and doors caused by the harsh snow, wind, and rain.  

Prevent Freezing

With the colder temperatures comes the risk of things freezing over. It’s important to clean out your gutters to prevent blockages and ensure that water is moving freely. If not, you’re at risk of freezing which can then lead to costly cracks and leaks! Similarly, blowing out your hose spigots and turning off the water supply to them is essential because even a small amount of water can freeze and end up damaging your plumbing.

Be Snow Ready

Lastly, it may sound obvious but double check that you’re stocked up on ice melt, shovels, and gas if you own a snow blower. You’ll also want to make sure that they are easily accessible so that you don’t have to dig them out or even worse risk injury driving on unsafe roads to pick them up from the store after the first snowfall of the season.

Have A Backup Plan

Lastly, investing in a generator can be a lifesaver just in case the power goes out during a storm. If you already own one, make sure to test it beforehand to give yourself added piece of mind that you’ll be protected.

If you take the time to follow these simple tips now, then you and your family will be able to sit back and enjoy the warmth of your home this winter! If you have any questions or are interested in renovating your home in the future call our team at 631.750.2837!

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