Types of Split-Level Home Renovations

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Where did the Split-Level get its start?

The split-level home is thought to have evolved from the ranch-style home promoted by Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects. The design became popular in the mid-1900s as a way to take the modest bungalow-style home and add a more stylish feel. Many homeowners also liked it because it separated public and private areas of the home by the use of half-level changes. But times have changed and so have our needs and how we entertain guests.

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The different types of Split-Level homes on Long Island

Here on Long Island, we have different types of Split-Level homes:

The Side-Split
This is the most common Split-Level home, also depicted in The Brady Bunch TV series, featuring multiple levels visible from the front, bedrooms above the garage on one side, and the main living area on the other side.

The Back-Split
This style is similar but features one level visible from the front and two levels visible from the back.

The Stacked-Split
This style is known for having four or five levels and flights of stairs, with the bedrooms stacked on top of the kitchen and dining room.

The Splanch
Last but not least is the Splanch. This is basically a hi-ranch merged with a split. This has the front door in the middle of the ground floor and the 2nd floor. The ground floor is usually the area for garage access, family room, and laundry room. The 1st floor has a living room and dining room on one side and the bedrooms and baths on the other side.

Which Split-Level is the easiest (and hardest) to renovate?

We get this question all the time. The good news, we have renovated all types of splits, and they all have their own challenges and opportunities.

The model we can usually add the most space to is the side split. When done right you can have a large 1st floor for entertaining, the ground floor can be a cozy study with a fireplace, the 2nd floor is for all of the bedrooms and the 3rd floor can be a private master suite with walk-in closets, a home office, and laundry room.

So now you know which split is the easiest. But which one is the most challenging?

The back split is the most difficult to work on. It requires a lot of design and structure work to get a large kitchen plus and a large and open 1st-floor entertainment space. But don’t worry we have years of experience transforming these homes and have figured out how to turn them into your dream home. There is no job too big for us to tackle. We aren’t called the Split-Level kings for nothing!

While many contractors stay away from Split-Levels because it takes extra work to design the right layout to meet your needs, here at Noah Construction we love the challenge. So if you have a split and want to add space, let’s talk and we can show you what we can do for you!

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