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Stone is considered to be one of the oldest materials and its use in architecture dates back thousands of years yet it’s still a popular trend even to this day. Whether you choose to opt for natural or veneer there are a variety of uses and plenty of reasons to consider incorporating it into your next renovation.


One of the main reasons why the demand for stone is so high is its versatility. While the most common use is on the exterior of the home, stone can also add a nice touch to your fireplace, backyard patio, or even shower walls. 


The appearance of stone is another big selling point because it offers a natural and elegant look to any home which doesn’t go out of style whereas many other siding options tend to change regularly depending on current trends. However, if you want the best of both worlds and aren’t looking to break the bank, stone still pairs well with traditional siding so even just covering a small part of the home can make a huge difference.


Similarly, another differentiator for stone when compared to other cheaper materials is its makeup because its less prone to weathering meaning its built to last. Therefore, you’ll get your money’s worth and won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing as often. Not only that but stone even serves an effective insulator and sound barrier blocking out extreme temperatures and loud noises making it especially attractive if you live near a highway or train station for example. Ultimately, when you take of all these factors into account stone can play a pivotal role in increasing your home’s resale value as well.


Lastly, because of the natural appearance it requires very little maintenance whereas dirt and mold can be more easily noticed on regular siding for example. The occasional power wash or even just a quick spray down with your hose should do the trick.

As you can see, stone offers a wide variety of opportunities that can take your home to the next level and combined with our 35+ years of experience designing and building homes on Long Island we’re confident we’ll be able to turn your home into the talk of the town. Give our team a call at 631.750.2837 to get started today!

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