Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

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As we enter Memorial Day Weekend, marking the unofficial start of Summer it’s the perfect time to discuss some renovation ideas to consider that can keep your home cool when that inevitable heatwave hits:

Choose Lighter Colors

When it comes to siding, many people make their decision solely on aesthetics or price but it’s even more important to think about the functionality. By choosing a lighter color, your home will not attract and retain as much heat from the sunlight which will naturally keep your home a few degrees cooler and in turn, can save you some money on energy costs from not having to blast the A/C. This same concept applies when decorating the interior of the home as well.

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Limit Appliance Use

Another added source of heat in the home is the use of appliances especially your oven and stove which circulates the warm air. A great way to combat this is investing in an outdoor kitchen or designated grill area which will allow you to cook outside. An added bonus is you’ll be able to entertain more and become the favorite hangout spot in the neighborhood for friends and family. Similarly, doing laundry either at the very beginning or end of the day while it’s cooler out is recommended. 

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Window Placement

If done right during the design process, strategically placing your windows can have several benefits. One is they will provide cross ventilation throughout the home which once again will mean you won’t have to overuse the A/C. Also, your window placement is essential to allowing the right amount of sunlight in without it being too much. You’ll even be able to turn down the lights throughout the home which can cut down on heat and costs because you’ll have more than enough natural light to brighten up the home.

Our team is committed to not only designing and building a beautiful home but a functional one as well. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation to go over your next home renovation, give Noah Construction & Builders a call at 631.750.2837!

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