Is Central Air Worth It?

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Spring is here and with that comes the warmer weather! Are you still relying on in-wall or window A/C units to keep your home cool? What if I told you that there’s a better way that could also be saving you money at the same time? Below we dive into the pros of central air and why Long Island is seeing an increase in energy efficient systems.

Home Cooling Options

  • Central Air-This is a complete HVAC system that’s built into your home’s air ducts and usually consists of a unit outside the home that collects the warm or cold air, either cools or warms it depending on the time of year, and then distributes it throughout the home.
  • Window Units-The simplest and most common option, these units are placed or mounted in windows throughout the home and plugged into a standard outlet.
  • Ductless Splits-Similar to central air, this system consists of both an outdoor and indoor unit working in tandem. The difference is they don’t require as extensive installation because they aren’t connected to the home’s ducts but are installed as individual units in the required rooms.

Central Air Pro 1: More Efficient

Like we just mentioned, central air provides homeowners with better control because they can keep all rooms at a consistent temperature whereas individual units will only cool the room they’re in and may not even work as well in larger rooms because it cannot spread the air evenly. This consistency also has major benefits when it comes to bills which we’ll elaborate on more in the next section. Plus, these systems typically have much more advanced built-in filtration, so you’ll be distributing cleaner air overall.  


Central Air Pro 2: Rebates & Savings

While most central air systems are more expensive starting around $5,000 to install, there are several ways to cut that down significantly. For example, you may qualify for a new federal tax credit that went into effect on January 1st, 2023 that can total up to $2,000 or rebates offered through providers like PSEG Long Island. Not to mention the long-term savings on your bills each month due to the fact that these systems don’t consume as much energy compared to if you have anywhere from 3-5 separate units spread throughout your home running for several hours each day. One Long Island resident who was interviewed by Newsday after installing a new system reported that his monthly energy bill was cut from an average of $100 down to about $73.

Central Air Pro 3: Less Clutter

Lastly, an overlooked benefit that many don’t necessarily take into account is the aesthetic that central air provides. Since it’s built into the design of the home it’s out of sight for the most part. On the other hand, window A/C units are bulky and unappealing. Plus, they require storage space during the fall and winter months when they’re not in use.

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