How to Transform your Bath into a Spa-Like Retreat?

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We all encounter stress throughout our daily lives and as a result making our mental health a priority has become one of, if not the most discussed topics in the news lately. Many people turn to spas to try to remedy some of these feelings after a long week of work so we’re here to talk about the ways you can transform your bath into your very own oasis.

Go Natural

When you think of a bathroom, your vision most likely jumps to marble or porcelain tiles as they’ve become synonymous over the years. However, stone and wood looks have started to emerge as great alternatives because they do an amazing job of bringing the outdoors in and adding a sense of relaxation. If you want to take it a step further from a décor standpoint, incorporating plants can elevate the senses by adding the scent of nature as well.

Modern Fixtures

Deciding on bathroom fixtures like your vanity, faucet, showerhead, etc. can be a daunting task because there’s so many options on the market. The good news is many of these are equipped with features you didn’t even know you needed but will fall in love with. For example, backlighted vanities or dual showerheads with rainfall and massage settings just to name a few. In terms of color, matte black and gold accents are very much in style right now because they create a sleek, luxurious feel.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Considering the bathroom is the space we often go to unwind, its important to keep it tidy which is why having ample storage space is commonly overlooked but can open the door to many possibilities. Designing a layout with plenty of cabinet space allows you to move toiletries and towels into designated areas. This reduced clutter results in less stress brought on by things being thrown all over the floor or counters.

Soak It All In

No spa would be complete without a soothing soaking tub. Just because two-in-one shower tubs are out of style doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice those baths that are so good at clearing our minds and relaxing tired muscles. Provided you have enough room for both a tub and walk-in shower, this can be a welcome addition to any master bath.

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