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Over the past year, people have been spending more time at home meaning clutter is most likely at an all-time high and you don’t want to throw your personal items any old place! Luckily, we’ve compiled some functional design ideas to incorporate into your next renovation so that you can maintain a clean and livable home while also maximizing your space:

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Walk-In Closets

Deirdre Sullivan offers 21 great suggestions on ways to get the most out of storage in your walk-in closet. Here are a few of those ideas that could help you:

  • Use Mirrors – they can make small places seem larger
  • Vertical Space – with a clever use of hanging shoe racks, removable wallpaper, and garment organizers, you can utilize WAY more space than you ever thought possible
  • Underneath The Stairs – if you have stairs, what do you do with that space underneath? With just a modicum of creativity, this can be a classy way to store your stuff
  • Fake Walk-In Closets – you would be surprised what you can do with an open wall and curtains. When you don’t already have a walk-in closet, why not make one with the space you have along a bedroom wall?
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Similarly, being that the kitchen is the central hub of your home as we’ve discussed previously, you want to make sure it’s as organized as possible so you can entertain. A pantry is a great addition so that food and groceries aren’t all over the place. Here are five simple suggestions on how to manage your pantry:

  1. Use Adjustable Shelving
  2. Create Labels & Containers
  3. Install Drawers for Pantry Cabinets
  4. Install Hanging Hooks for Pantry Walls
  5. Store Similar Items Together


If you want to get even more crafty with kitchen storage, you could try these four ideas for cabinet storage:

  1. Keep Trash & Recycling Bins Out of Sight
  2. Have Specific Storage Drawers for All Types of Cutleries (rather than cramming them into one drawer)
  3. Use Dividers to Organize Your Trays and Baking Sheets
  4. Avoid Reaching Way Back into Cabinets (with roll-out trays)

As you can see, solving your storage dilemmas revolves around making better use of finite space. Thankfully, however, there are services that can help take some of the burdens off you. One way to gain more space is to have a great space built for you!

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Noah Construction & Builders can help renovate your home, giving you a chance to realize that comfortable, spacious layout you never even imagined possible by paying attention to every last detail. We specialize in designing and building everything from kitchen remodels to extensions and more!

You can reach Noah Construction & Builders via e-mail at or by calling us at 631-750-2837. Let us show you why we’re a 10x NARI CotY Award Winner and Long Island’s #1 Design & Build Company!

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