Check Out These Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

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Spring has sprung and it is time to refresh our homes!  All of us here at Noah Construction & Builders can’t wait to help make your renovation dreams come true.  We’ve put together a list of ways to make your house feel like new this season!

Kitchens are the heart of every home, so why not give yours a facelift?  Though a kitchen reno may seem daunting, something you can do quickly and easily is paint your kitchen cabinets and update the hardware to something more modern.  Colorful accessories and live plants make all the difference as well.

Next on our list, upgrade to wood floors.  This small change can make a huge difference in any home.  If you already have wood, consider sanding and staining them a more modern color to make every room feel brand new.

Finally looking to finish an attic or a basement?  Spring is the ideal time to tackle drywall, as the weather is cool and you can air out the rooms by opening the windows.  It’s also warm enough out that the drywall will dry quickly and evenly, shortening the amount of time it takes to get the project completed.

What better way to upgrade your home than by building a room addition?  In order for this to happen, some walls may need to come down. The warm but not too hot weather of spring makes for ideal conditions when dealing with outdoor air inside your home.

The harsh winter months can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home, especially your driveway.  Pressure wash concrete for a quick fix or opt for bricks and stones for an even more upgraded look.

Two more quick and easy updates include paint and window treatments.  Brighten up your rooms with new light colors, and go for white or sheer curtains to let as much natural light in your rooms as possible.  

If you’re interested in any of these updates for your home, feel free to get in touch with Noah Construction & Builders today by calling us at 631-750-2837. We’re a family-owned business and know just how important it is to make sure your house always feels like home!


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