What You Need to Know About Roof Dormers

Roof dormers can improve your home in a variety of ways. Whether you want to add living space to your home or you want to enhance its appearance, consider adding roof dormers to your property. Here is what you need to know about roof dormers:

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A dormer is a roof structure that often features a window. Dormers extend from beyond the plane of a pitched roof. Roof dormers can add extra room to an attic or second story room. Roof dormers can also help your home look more cozy and eye-catching from the street.

If you want roof dormers, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not your home can even have roof dormers. It’s best to check with a professional to make sure your home can handle a dormer. A truss-framed roof may not work, but a stick-framed roof may.

Dormers have many perks. For one, they can add an accent detail to the exterior of your home. They can also improve the interior space of your home. They can even add sunlight to a room that otherwise may not be well-lit, such as an attic. Plus, dormers improve ventilation and allow for more fresh air in your home.

There are various dormer designs you can select for your home. An arched top or barrel roof dormer has a rounded design, while eyebrow dormers look more like half circles. If you want something more square, a flat roof dormer is a way to go. Shed roof dormers are also a popular option for a variety of homes.

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Choosing the Right Dormer Window for Your Home

If you are using Noah Construction & Builders for a home renovation, a great upgrade is to add dormer windows. A dormer window comes in several styles summarized below with some comments about how they can benefit you and your home.

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Dormer windows offer the following advantages when added to a home:

  • They increase light to the living space
  • They offer added ventilation to areas such as lofts or attics that need it
  • They can add interior space to the room by extending the roofline
  • They add curb appeal by breaking up a long roofline and adding an aesthetic touch


The name describes how this dormer looks because it typically has a smooth radius roof structure over the window that resembles an eye. The roof blends seamlessly into the dormer window.

Arched or Barrel

This dormer has a curved roof resembling a barrel or arch. A barrel dormer can have a higher installation cost because the rounded structure is more complex than a straight roof section.

Flat Roof

A flat roof dormer extends straight out from the roofline with a top that is level, hence the flat roof name. The boxy look may not be attractive as some other styles but it adds a great deal of interior space to the room.

Shed Roof

A shed roof is similar to a flat roof dormer except the roof is sloped toward the window. It has a more appealing look and offers similar advantages of space as a flat roof dormer.

Gabled Roof

A gabled roof dormer is probably the most common dormer seen in home construction. A two-sided roof is placed over the interior space that is blended into the existing roofline. Typically the front of the gable extends out over the window to provide some shade and rain protection. They can be built in a range of sizes to add needed interior space.

Hipped Roof

A hipped roof dormer has three sides, rather than the two sides of a gabled dormer. The three sides meet at the top center of the dormer. This is a more traditional look that may not look as good on a modern home but adds good curb appeal.

Pedimented Roof

A pedimented roof dormer is not built into the house but rather extends from it. Therefore, it normally needs support columns or other structures at the front to support it. A front entrance to a home with a pedimented roof dormer above it is a typical example of this type.

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Tips for a Successful House Extension

You may love the home you currently live in, but you need more space to accommodate your family or your lifestyle. Instead of moving, you can extend your home. For tips for a successful house extension, keep reading.

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The first step in getting a house extension is checking with the local council. Different locations have different requirements for properties. Some areas may not allow for home extensions, while others allow for extensions, but the extensions must meet certain requirements. You may also want to check in with your neighbors. Sometimes earning approval for a house extension requires neighbor approval. If you talk to your neighbors in person, they may be more likely to give you the go ahead.

Once you know what you’re allowed to do, you can set a budget. Be sure to take into consideration your income, monthly expenses, and savings. Determining how much money you can spend on a house extension can give a contractor a better idea of what they are working with.

You should also think about the purpose of your extension. Do you need an additional bedroom for a baby on the way? Are you in need of additional work space? Decide why you are extending your home so you can create the most accommodating extension possible. This will help you better decide where to add the extension and what the extension should include.

Up next, pick the perfect builder. After you find out what your local council allows, you’ve received approval from your neighbors, you’ve set your budget, and you know what you want your extension to be used for, you can contact a builder. With all of this in mind, do your research to find a builder that is most suitable for your specific needs. You want to work with a company that is professional, qualified, and experienced. For your house extension project, consider Noah Construction & Builders! For a consultation, give us a call at (631) 750-2837.

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