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In today’s market, multi-generational or “mother-daughter” homes are becoming an increasingly popular trend because they can help cut costs while also providing flexibility regardless of your needs. Read on to find out why this style might be right for you!


First and foremost, this living arrangement offers a number of possibilities. As the name suggests you can create additional space for your parents or in-laws to move in but it also works the other way if you have a child moving back in after college while they save up for their own place. If your area allows, you might even have the option to rent out the extra space. 


One concern we hear clients express when it comes to this layout is whether or not they’ll be enough privacy because no matter who’s moving in, everyone likes to have a sense of independence. Luckily, while mother-daughter homes are connected they are typically built as separate living spaces with their own kitchen and bath giving the occupants freedom to come and go as they please. 


Last but certainly not least, sharing the home with more people, it allows you to split the responsibilities around the house like chores or child-care which in turn could lead to savings because you may not need to send the kids to daycare now that they can have more quality time with the grandparents or older siblings. Even if you do choose to go that route, however, you’ll still have the advantage of sharing the costs now that there are more people living in the home which ultimately helps keep costs down for everyone. Additionally, if you have elderly parents or in-laws that require medical care, this design will allow you to keep a closer eye on them or hire someone to look after them in the home as opposed to nursing facilities which can be costly. 

Depending on your living arrangement, a mother-daughter home might be the perfect solution. As Long Island’s #1 Custom Home Builders, we’re here to help you every step of the way from design to completion. Call us today at 631.256.6355 if you’re looking to get started!

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