Health and Safety Home Renovations

With everyone spending so much more time indoors this past year, having a safe and healthy home environment has become more important than ever before. Health, especially healthy air, has become a top priority for everyone, and homeowners are making changes to their residences in order to improve the safety of their personal space. Here are some of the top health and safety renovations that are trending now.

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New Office, New Windows

These days, people care a great deal about air quality. And since the home has become the workplace for many more people, homeowners are building add-ons as designated home offices that are equipped with the latest in health and safety features. Think about sealing up your windows and investing in air filtration and purification systems to better protect their health.

Decks and Patios

If you are itching for a brand new deck or patio, you are not alone. More people are turning to their backyard spaces for fresh, healthy air, and in the 2021 NAHB survey, 82% of home buyers wanted a patio, 81% wanted a front porch, and 75% would like a rear porch or deck. A big trend in backyard spaces is a covered deck or patio. These are the perfect spaces to socialize around a fire pit and bring the family together for a movie night with a projector and screen.

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Ceiling Fans

Another popular way people are improving the air quality in their homes is with the classic ceiling fan. In fact, in a 2021 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey, 83% of recent and prospective home buyers said they were interested in homes with ceiling fans. With the whole family indoors, running around, and cooking up a storm, the odors can really pile up and affect indoor air quality. Ceiling fans effectively circulate the air and add freshness to your home.

Indoor Plants

One more way people are improving the air quality of their homes is by adding more plants. Including more space in the form of mantles and shelves to accommodate your new home garden is a growing trend. For an added health benefit, plant your favorite herbs so you always have fresh greens on hand!

With the amount of time we’re all spending at home being at an all-time high shouldn’t you have the home you’ve always dreamed of? As Long Island’s #1 Design & Build Company, Noah Construction & Builders is committed to turning that dream into a reality!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 631.750.2837.

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Current Kitchen Renovation Trends

If you’re like most Long Islanders, you’re in need of a kitchen renovation. Why? Because most homes on Long Island were built back in the 1950s-1970s. And A LOT has changed since then. Most kitchens on Long Island are approximately 12×12 and completely closed in with a small window. Does that sound similar? Well in today’s age that just does not cut it anymore.

The kitchen has become the hub of the home. The central command center if you will. It needs to be the main gathering place for the family, the place to prepare and make large meals, the entertaining space, the place where kids can do their homework while you’re cooking, or that comfy place to have a cup of coffee over a great conversation. It needs to do it all. And nowadays, with everyone being stuck at home it’s even more important to have a space that checks all these boxes. The good news, with the right design and plan you can have it all and say goodbye to your outdated, impractical kitchen.

So, to help get you started we outlined what’s trending and how to make your kitchen deliver on form and function. No need to be overwhelmed, we’re here to help!

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Let there be light!
Today’s kitchen has to have a lot of natural light! So ditch that 30×36 window and get at least a double window or even a picture window with side flankers. If your kitchen doesn’t have an exterior wall, start by taking down walls that open up to rooms that have windows. The more light, the more open your space will feel.

The more open the better – combining the kitchen and dining room
Open floor plans are here to stay and the lines are now blurred between rooms. Taking down walls to combine your dining room, family room, and kitchen will transform your space and open yourself up to many ideas for a new kitchen. Like large rectangular islands or a double-sided square island. Now we are even doing L-shaped islands with built-in bench seating and a large kitchen table. Defining the kitchen and cabinet layout is the first and most important step on your kitchen makeover journey. Once that’s set you are ready to focus on materials for cabinets.

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Appliances, Size Matters!
In order to finalize your kitchen layout picking your appliances is extremely important. Every appliance has a different size. And it’s impossible to design a kitchen without appliances picked out. Your cabinets are designed around your appliances. The range is a focal point in any kitchen and needs to be treated as such. Refrigerators can be cabinet depth with fake door panels or you can have a normal 36” which sticks out past the cabinets. When known in advance, a normal refrigerator can be built-in with larger side panels. You can also add a beverage center or draw freezer, maybe even double wall ovens. Lately, though clients don’t want to lose counter space so they opt for under counter ovens or go with larger double ranges like 48” Thermadors with 2 ovens. The list of options can be endless. But always think about your needs and talk to a kitchen designer. They can help you design the layout that meets your needs. We also have a trusted partner, Appliance World, who will help you pick out the best appliances for you.

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Type of cabinets, custom or box line?
When it comes to custom or box line cabinets here is the difference. In a box line, the door and color cannot be changed. Options are limited on style and color. But they are a great budget-friendly option. When you go semi-custom you can select a door style then select a finish (paint or stain) which gives you more options but still won’t break the bank. As for fully custom, you’re not in budget territory anymore. The options are almost limitless. You select the door style, sizes, and pick almost any color you want from Benjamin Moore or Sherman Williams. What’s popular now would be a painted door full overlay or if your budget allows it (and you’re not too close to water) a nice inset door that looks custom.

Tip: If you have children or humidity is an issue, I would stick with full overlay cabinets.

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What color should my kitchen be?
Right now we are still seeing a lot of white kitchens. But there is still hope. We are starting to pair white kitchens with natural wood colors. And two-toned kitchens with blue or grey painted doors on the island are becoming more popular and add a nice pop of color. So you can still have your white but have those beautiful accent colors too. Natural wood shiplap is going to be big I think moving forward. People are looking for living finishes. Something you don’t need to worry about all the time and can hold up the test of time. So more and more we have been pairing white oak or alder in a grey stain or natural finish which pairs really well with white, light blue, or even midnight blue. We also have been doing all white oak cabinet wire brushes to pull out that deep grain and give a real lived-in look. When it’s done right it’s just magnificent.

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Counters, real or “man-made”?
Lately, we have been doing almost all Cambria quartz tops. This is a man-made product, made with compressed real stone composite. What people like about this is it’s very uniform, unlike granite which can change color and have veins and grain lines through it. Quartz comes in a number of colors and styles. It can even be a replica of Carrara marble but without the maintenance. If you’re going full custom, you may want to look into Quartzite stones. This is real stone and almost transparent. You can under the light it and make it glow at night. And it gives you a very high-end look. But it’s not antibacterial like Cambria quartz. Some people still love the look of granite. With granite, you have to travel to different yards to view slabs and select the right one for you since there are so many variations. You must think about your layout when selecting granite so you don’t have horrible unmatching seams.

Lighting and handle selection, don’t count them out!
Cabinet handles are a large part of a kitchen. These fine details can make or break your kitchen. You want something not so overpowering but still says “Hey I’m here, look at me!” Lately, we have been using a lot of living finishes like antique brass or gold. These colors change over time and give your kitchen a timeless look. Satin nickel works well too. When selecting knobs or handles make sure it’s something you love. Take your time. Bring a few options home and put them next to cabinets and tops to see what you like. Once knobs are installed and holes have been drilled you would need to replace every door and drawer to go with something different. Unless you can find the exact same size in the style you want. So don’t rush!

On lighting, we leave that to the pros at Elements Lighting. But I can tell you what’s trending now. People are moving away from traditional 3-4 pendants to more of a large chandelier in a cage style or a draping crystal look. Or you can go with 2 oversized pendants. It helps to view all the styles and figure out what you like.

Backsplash tile ties it all together!
This is another area where it all comes to taste and personal preference. You need to figure what you want to live with every day. Most commonly we have the brick-style subway tile, which is simple and elegant. Another option is herringbone style with a smaller thinner tile which works well with white cabinets. Lately, we have been using Cambria quartz solid stone backsplash for clients who don’t want grout lines. Or on a less expensive end, you can use a large format tile to cut down grout lines and not break the budget. Not to overwhelm you with options but lately, we have been doing real stained wood shiplap backsplashes. It really makes a statement. You can use it on the bar area to make a really distinct look. If you’re looking to go trendy…penny, glass, or metal tile is a fascinating idea. And could really bring your kitchen to life.

At the end of the day, other than your bedroom you are going to spend the most time in your kitchen. So, take the time to think everything through. And hopefully, this gave you some ideas and things to think through. The good news is we are here to hold your hand through the entire process. And our kitchen designer can help transform your space into your dream kitchen!

Call us today to schedule a free consultation and also check out our Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration!

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Maximize Your Backyard Space this Spring

Spring is here! And warmer days and nights mean more time spent in our backyards soaking up the sun, planting gardens, and sipping drinks with loved ones. Here at Noah Construction & Builders, we know your home is your sanctuary more than ever before, and we are here to help you design the backyard of your dreams. Even if your outdoor space is small, there are still many design tricks that will make it appear more spacious. Curious to know more? Then read these tips on how to maximize your backyard space this spring.

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Raise a Deck or Porch

One of the most charming features of a house can be the deck or porch. For those looking to maximize this space, a raised porch or deck is a smart design because it doubles the floor area. A stairway or ramp leading up to the deck also adds space and movement to your backyard, and hanging plants on the sides creates a beautiful vertical garden! Noah Construction & Builders is proud to specialize in decks and porches and can assist you in every step of the construction process.

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Add Storage Space

Now that your deck is raised, you are going to have all that free space to store your gardening tools, barbecue accessories, and backyard games. To keep your yard organized and your things protected from the elements when not in use, consider adding storage cabinets. Structures like garden benches that double as storage trunks are also smart ideas. If this sounds like something your yard could benefit from, Noah Construction & Builders is proud to offer custom millworks for all your storage needs.

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Think Outside the Box

Not every outdoor space works best with right angles, especially if you are dealing with a small area. Rounded shapes clear up space that would be taken up by corners, and not to mention, circular stairs and decks are beautiful architectural designs. Placing objects like planters and patio furniture at different angles can also give the illusion of more space. Curving walkways and rounded fire pits are other fun details to help maximize your backyard space this spring. If you are not sure where to start, our design experts will gladly guide you.

Noah Construction & Builders is a 9-time NARI CotY Award Winner that has been serving clients in Long Island for over 35 years, so you know you can trust our expertise. To schedule a personalized design consultation for your backyard remodel plans, please give us a call at 631-750-2837.

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Home Renovation Costs by Type of Home

A big question we always get is cost, so let’s talk about the costs of common types of home renovations here on Long Island. Please remember we are talking square footage numbers which are not to be taken as exact pricing but as a ballpark cost for your renovations. An sq ft price is a good baseline on where you’re going to start. Here’s why; let’s take a simple 1000 sq ft project.

Option 1: a simple box dormer, no gables, one bath, carpet, vinyl windows, and vinyl siding. This would be considered a basic renovation.

Option 2: a dormer with inset walls, double gables, arch top windows, 2 baths, laundry room, oak floors, open staircase, and Hardi board siding. As you can see, this is a semi-custom project.

So how can both of these jobs start out at the same sq ft price. They can’t. This is why sq ft pricing is only a ballpark or a baseline. In order to truly know a price, you need to break down each project individually and add costs of additional items. This is why no two projects are alike. Unless of course, they are truly the same! So, let’s jump into basic costs.

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Which home is the easiest to renovate?

That’s easy, let’s start with a simple Levittown Cape made famous by Mr. Levitt himself.
Why? Because with this style of home renovation clients can continue living in their home on the first floor and/or basement (if they have one) during construction. This makes it less of a financial burden on clients with a family since they would not have to relocate and spend on housing rental costs, as well as commuting children to and from school for the duration of the construction.

With the cape we can use the existing floor system and stairs or what we call in the industry “jumping the box” which is essentially a new floor system over the existing ceiling beams and added new stairs, giving us the ability to cantilever the front and back of the home approximately two feet which adds about another 140-160 square feet to the second-floor layout. This creates more room at the top of the stairs and gives you the ability to make larger bedrooms and baths.

Budgeting for second-floor additions on a cape starts at $170 per square foot plus as noted above. When paired with a first-floor gut renovation, the first floor would start at $80 per square foot plus as noted above.

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What is the hardest type of home to renovate?

Now let’s move to the split level. It’s the hardest type of home to renovate but this style also has the most rewards. The different types of split-level homes are listed here:

Front to back: This is the hardest to re-design but we make it look easy. This home has a small living space when you walk into the first level. The kitchen is off to one side and the family room is in the back or the basement level and all the bedrooms on the second floor back of the house. We have come up with designs to maximize the space in these homes. If you don’t mind stairs these homes can be packed with space. Usually, these homes wind up with variance because to make the kitchen work you need to push out the front of the house a bit, sometimes you may have enough side yard space to expand to the side yard too. We can also add a third floor across the front of the house to provide a master suite, home office, and often even a laundry room.

Side to side: This model even has two different styles, the models differ on the first-floor level mostly. The difference is one model has a 16-foot wide first floor and the other has a 20-25 foot wide first floor. Both styles can get ample space but as you can already guess the model with the wider first floor is the best model to work on for space. I’m going to generalize on renovations including both models.

With the side to side the job we most often do would be a full gut renovation of the first floor with a new kitchen and wide-open floor plan, leaving the second and ground floor as-is. Maybe only changing floors, doors, and trim. Then adding a full third-floor dormer which can add a new private master suite with a bath and double walk-in closets.

On the wider model, we have been able to add home offices and gyms (or Peloton rooms) which has been a common request lately. As well as nice-sized laundry rooms. Our split-level renovations are always accompanied by a full front exterior makeover and a large portico and stoop. Concerning budgeting, the split requires more time, materials, and sometimes larger beams and steel. So, the split is going to cost more than any other type of home when it comes to remodeling. When pricing a split, it’s hard to rely on square foot pricing because there are so many factors and different ways to approach the remodel. Be sure your contractor has a lot of experience renovating split levels because costs can skyrocket if you use a contractor that is not familiar with this type of renovation. Fortunately, we have been labeled the split-level king by clients and it’s a name we are not afraid to take on. As a design and build team, we love the task of remodeling these homes and the rewards of a happy client when we are finished.

As we’ve said square foot pricing is difficult with this renovation. However, as a rough guide, budgeting for renovations on a split start at $225 per square foot plus as noted above. When paired with a first or second-floor gut renovation each floor would start at $80 per square foot plus as noted above.

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What is the difference between a Cape and Ranch renovation?

Ranches are as easy to work as the Cape. They have the same benefits for clients who can remain in the home during the renovations. The only difference is unlike the Cape the Ranch needs to make room for a new staircase to the second floor. Sometimes it’s as easy as stacking over the basement stairs but sometimes it’s not that easy. Not only must we move the basement stairs, but we need to use some space from an existing bedroom to get the first-floor layout to work, or to create the famous center hall colonial everyone wants with that beautiful clear-story foyer. Ranch homes usually have a large first-floor layout making it very easy to dormer over the whole top. This will result in a lot of square footage. And with the right design, you can have beautiful roof lines and setbacks to increase the home’s curb appeal.

Budgeting for second-floor additions on a ranch starts at $200 per square foot plus as noted above. When paired with a first-floor gut renovation the first floor would start at $80 per square foot plus as noted above.


What if I want to combine aspects of a Split-Level and Ranch?

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Then the “Splanch” is the type of home for you! This refers to a type of split-level home that’s a 2-story home with a front door in the middle of two floors; the first-floor level is usually half underground like a basement. These homes are more popular in areas where the properties are hilly and the house will look like a 1-story home from the front but will be two stories in the back. Most splanches have 2-car garages on the first level under the second-floor living space.

With this type of home, you don’t have the option to add another story like a traditional split-level because both the left and right sides are considered two floors and are at the same height. So, your only option is to add a 2-story addition to either the sides or the back depending on township and setbacks allowed for building. Most Splanches end up either with a whole first or second-floor gut renovation depending on what we are adding or how we need to re-design space. Square footage prices will be higher due to foundation work needed for the addition; with Capes and Ranches, you are building over existing space so new foundations are not needed.

Budgeting for 2-story additions on a splanch starts at $240 per square foot plus as noted above. When paired with a first or second-floor gut renovation each floor would start at $80 per square foot plus as noted above.

How Noah Construction & Builders can help!

Noah Construction & Builders are experts in home renovations of all types. We will be happy to meet and discuss your renovation needs to provide you with the home of your dreams. For more information, please call 631-750-2837!

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How Much Does a Home Renovation Cost?

Two questions I get often is “How much should I budget for my home renovation?” or “How much do you charge per Square Foot?” Being in this business for over 30 years I can tell you Sq Ft prices are only ballpark numbers. There are many factors that go into a home renovation but using “Price Per Square Foot” can give you a rough sense of costs. This article will hopefully demystify the costs of renovating your home and make you feel more confident when speaking to a contractor.

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To explain why costs could vary so greatly, let’s apply the Sq Ft principle to buying a car. You could buy a Honda Civic or a Ferrari. Both are very close in size (or Sq Ft) but one costs $30k and the other is $400k. Why? Because the Ferrari is custom with higher-end finishes. The same goes for homes. You can have a 1,000 Sq Ft dormer with basic finishes and pay a lower price. Or you can upgrade that same dormer and add 2 additional baths, large gables, arch top windows, a Portico, upgraded siding and roofing, and oak floors throughout.

That’s why each job needs to be broken down individually to meet the client’s needs and budget. We are always happy to provide a ballpark Sq Ft price over the phone, but in order to really give you the right price we need to 1) see the home 2) discuss your needs and 3) tailor your home to meet your criteria. That being said I wrote out a simple plan to help anyone budget for their next home renovation using a Sq Ft method.

Before we jump into pricing, here’s a helpful list of questions you should also ask yourself as you start your home renovation journey. It will help you better understand ballpark costs and help your contractor design your perfect dream home (that fits within your budget).

  • What are my “must-haves” (e.g., grand foyer, open floor plan, large master on-suite, etc.)
  • How much additional space do I need (e.g., is my family growing)?
  • How many additional bedrooms or bathrooms do I need?
  • What type of finishes do I want to include (e.g., high-end appliances, custom trim/millwork, marble tile in the shower, etc.)
  • What will make our life easier (e.g., adding a mudroom, laundry on the second floor, etc.)

Square Foot Pricing, As A Ballpark Guide

A ballpark budget of a full home remodel in Nassau/Suffolk counties ranges from $185-$300 per square foot. This range includes all building materials (excluding items like appliances and paint) and depends on a few things:

  • Type of home your remodeling
  • Style and finishes you choose

This range is also averaged across “wet” (baths and kitchens), and “dry” (living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc) spaces. In a typical cost breakdown of a “Gut” renovation you can assume:

  • “Dry” spaces average $50-$80 per square foot
  • “Wet” spaces could be between $300-$450 per square foot

Another factor to consider is if you are planning to “gut” your whole home or “re-do” existing areas. The term “gut renovation” is often used informally for any project where all of the visible surfaces in a room are replaced. But technically, in a gut renovation, interior walls are stripped down to the studs and framing or knocked out entirely. When gut renovating a whole home, this could add other items to consider like the home’s current conditions, alteration requirements, spatial challenges, etc.

A gut renovation will start at the higher end of the square foot (psf) range, while a renovation in which you re-do the space (within the existing walls) will be on the lower end. For example, a 875sqft 1st floor replacement renovation will come in around the $40,000-$45,000 range, while a gut renovation will likely exceed $70,000. The difference in cost can be a variety of factors such as replacing walls, installing new piping and wiring systems, etc.

What’s Included In The Cost Per Square Foot

No matter what you’re planning, here’s a basic list of items that should be included when your contractor estimates your cost per square foot:

  • Basic demolition, dumpsters, cart away debris, site prep work
  • Framing: the skeletal, load-bearing structure to which the interior walls and other systems are attached
  • Basic layout of exterior windows and doors
  • Insulation/Drywall and Spackle for paint ready walls
  • Floors ready for carpet and/or wood floors
  • Basic tile install for baths with basic tile allowance
  • Wiring, including basic to code outlets and switches with minimum recessed lighting
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Basic Primed Trim package and hollow core interior doors

What’s NOT Included In The Cost Per Square Foot

You’ll notice the list above doesn’t include items like:

  • Plans/Expediting
  • Kitchen Appliances, Cabinets and Counter tops
  • HVAC or Boiler
  • Visible materials such as tile, plumbing fixtures, flooring, millwork, paint, lighting fixtures, AV/electronics

Why? Because the price of these items can significantly affect the price of your renovation (remember the Civic versus Ferrari). Pending the quality and type of finish, everything listed above are added in above the Sq Ft price of the project.

What Can I Afford: Cost Per Square Foot Ranges

$150–$185 psf range

  • Materials are generally prefabricated or stock items
  • Finishes are available at common retail outlets
  • Lighting will be standard but solid basics, while hardware can be as low a few dollars apiece
  • Solid wood floors, but they may be shorter and narrower planks made of less expensive woods
  • At this price range you should be confident in the work quality. If a contractor promises you he/she can complete a project for under $150 psf, you might get subpar labor and obvious shortcuts

$200–$250 psf range

  • Some customization on details such as joints, millwork, and hardware
  • Cabinets in this price range are custom or semi-custom and can include built-ins
  • Natural stone or desirable man-made counter tops (Cambria Quartz)
  • Solid, wide-planked hardwood flooring
  • Projects at this price point are usually gut renovations with added additions to the home increasing square footage

$300+ psf range

  • More extensive customization, fine finishes, and luxurious materials such as glass or marble tile, wider plank floors, natural stone, and bespoke millwork details that complement the architecture of the home
  • Other high-end finishes like custom door casements and extensive lighting details
  • Renovations at this price point usually require structural work (combining apartments or moving walls), adding Steel I-beams, adding staircases, shifting gas and plumbing and electrical rewiring
  • Renovations that are fully custom with very high-end finishes and bathrooms for every bedroom and large kitchen can easily run over $400 psf

Budget Tips For Your Home Renovation

Once you’ve accounted for each line item in your budget, allocate an additional 10-15% as a cushion. Projects can sometimes go over budget for two main reasons. 1) unforeseen circumstances (termite or water damage) that can’t be seen until demo is done OR 2) you choose to upgrade items during construction (trim or molding).

As you’re trying to come up with a plan to match your budget, here are some tips.

  • Mix high and low finishes: You don’t always need to choose costly finishes. For example, you may choose a handmade tile for the kitchen back splash while sticking to a more affordable off-the-shelf option for the second bath. Make a custom statement where it will really get noticed.
  • Don’t skimp on plumbing and electrical infrastructure: While these aspects probably won’t garner any compliments at your dinner party, you still need licensed and qualified experts for these jobs. If you don’t, there may be pricey problems to deal with in the long run.
  • Focus on kitchens and baths: Spend your money here! These rooms also have the most resale value potential.
  • Consult experts upfront: Involving experts early may help you save money by mapping out a clear plan and avoid future issues. Set aside 15 to 20 percent of your budget for this professional. Architects can charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total project. Another option is to hire a design/build firm. At Noah Construction, we combine design, construction and budgeting services within one fee and contract. With our services you know upfront what you’re design looks like plus have it all priced and budgeted from the start.

We know calculating home renovation costs can be tricky and we hope this breakdown was helpful. At Noah Construction we specialize in helping our clients design and build their dream homes across Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island.

Not sure how to start your renovation? Call us today, we’re happy to schedule a free consultation.

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Types of Split-Level Home Renovations

Where did the Split-Level get its start?

The split-level home is thought to have evolved from the ranch-style home promoted by Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects. The design became popular in the mid-1900s as a way to take the modest bungalow-style home and add a more stylish feel. Many homeowners also liked it because it separated public and private areas of the home by the use of half-level changes. But times have changed and so have our needs and how we entertain guests.

suffolk county home extensions long island

The different types of Split-Level homes on Long Island

Here on Long Island, we have different types of Split-Level homes:

The Side-Split
This is the most common Split-Level home, also depicted in The Brady Bunch TV series, featuring multiple levels visible from the front, bedrooms above the garage on one side, and the main living area on the other side.

The Back-Split
This style is similar but features one level visible from the front and two levels visible from the back.

The Stacked-Split
This style is known for having four or five levels and flights of stairs, with the bedrooms stacked on top of the kitchen and dining room.

The Splanch
Last but not least is the Splanch. This is basically a hi-ranch merged with a split. This has the front door in the middle of the ground floor and the 2nd floor. The ground floor is usually the area for garage access, family room, and laundry room. The 1st floor has a living room and dining room on one side and the bedrooms and baths on the other side.

Which Split-Level is the easiest (and hardest) to renovate?

We get this question all the time. The good news, we have renovated all types of splits, and they all have their own challenges and opportunities.

The model we can usually add the most space to is the side split. When done right you can have a large 1st floor for entertaining, the ground floor can be a cozy study with a fireplace, the 2nd floor is for all of the bedrooms and the 3rd floor can be a private master suite with walk-in closets, a home office, and laundry room.

So now you know which split is the easiest. But which one is the most challenging?

The back split is the most difficult to work on. It requires a lot of design and structure work to get a large kitchen plus and a large and open 1st-floor entertainment space. But don’t worry we have years of experience transforming these homes and have figured out how to turn them into your dream home. There is no job too big for us to tackle. We aren’t called the Split-Level kings for nothing!

While many contractors stay away from Split-Levels because it takes extra work to design the right layout to meet your needs, here at Noah Construction we love the challenge. So if you have a split and want to add space, let’s talk and we can show you what we can do for you!

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Add More Space with a Four Seasons Room

A lot of people love spending time in the outdoors during the spring, summer and fall. But when winter sets in, it is difficult to spend a good deal of time enjoying your scenic view. If you long to spend all of your down time outdoors, you may want to think about building a four seasons room. Not only will you be able to spend a ton of time in your yard out of the elements, but you can also add room to your home. Here’s more information about adding a four seasons room to your home.

suffolk county home extensions long island

Four Seasons Rooms

Many people call these rooms four seasons rooms, but they can also be called a sunroom or a sun porch. No matter what you call it, a four seasons room consists of an enclosed room, porch, or deck. Often, the floor of the four seasons room is cement, but it could also be laminate flooring, hardwood decking, or composite flooring. The four seasons room is usually glassed in with tons of light.

Your four seasons room can be added either to the side of your house, or to the back of your house. Because this room is actually a room addition, it can add room to your home, and you’ll be able to take advantage of it. For example, you may be able to add storage to your room, such as shelf storage, or under seating storage. You may also want to think about adding a separate cooling or heating feature for your room so that it is comfortable all year round.

When you are ready to build your four seasons room, you should come by and see us. You can also give us a call at 631.750.2837.

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Design the Perfect Kitchen for the At-Home Chef

With a new year, you may be looking at your home in a new way. One way that you may want to make changes in your home is in your kitchen. You may really want to make changes if you have been spending an inordinate amount of time working in your kitchen as the at-home chef. If you are working a lot in your kitchen, here are some suggestions for a kitchen redesign.

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At-Home Chef Redesign

There are several things you can do in order to make sure your kitchen is the best it can be for the at-home chef. First, you’ll want to make sure your appliances are top of the line. Take a few minutes and think about which appliances you would use most. For example, if you do a lot of entertaining, or you host a lot of family get-togethers, you may want to add a warming drawer to keep your goodies warm for your guests. You can also think about adding a convection oven, an induction cooktop, or a second dishwasher for platters.

In addition, you may want to add an island in the middle of your kitchen to add additional warmers, burners, or a second sink grouping. This can help you entertain larger groups as well. Some at-home chefs prefer to add bar seating or even a tasting section for your friends and relatives. No matter what you want to add, you need to make sure that the kitchen grouping suits your needs, and the needs of your guests. At-home chefs are what’s happening right now, and you’ll want everyone to feel at home.

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Update Your Fireplace

Have you looked at your fireplace lately? When was the last time your fireplace was updated? If you have lived in your house for a while, and you can’t remember the last time your fireplace got an update, you will want to think about ways you can update the centerpiece of your living area or great room. Here are some of our suggestions for a fireplace update.

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Update Suggestions

First, you may want to think about painting your brick fireplace. If your brick doesn’t match your decor, you can have it painted. You may also want to have the bricks painted if they are in a color that is older than you are. No one wants to see avocado green or harvest gold from the 70s on your fireplace.

You may also want to think about having glass doors installed in front of your fireplace. Not only will this keep your fireplace cleaner, but it also makes your fireplace look more modern. There are all kinds of glass doors for fireplaces, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your decor.

If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantle, you may want to think about adding one. You can find several different types of mantles that would go with your house, whether you are looking for a contemporary mantlepiece or something that looks industrial. If you are looking for a mantle that would fit into a farmhouse or primitive look, you may want to go and look for a repurposed mantle that was salvaged from an older home. Not only will it fit into your decor, but it will also save you tons of money.

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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

Perhaps more than any other year in memory, people want to make their holiday season merry and bright. This desire to really deck the halls this year extends not only to the inside of the home but the outside as well. If you are looking for ideas on how to really brighten up the exterior of your home for the holiday season, we’ve got tips and tricks for you to try.

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Decorating for the Holidays

First, you will want to pick a theme. This theme will carry you throughout the holiday season. If you want your theme to be a natural holiday, you’ll want to use natural greenery, pine cones, and holly in your decorating scheme outdoors. Ring your doorframe in pine and berries, and wrap the natural garland around your porch. One pro tip, why not combine some dried oranges or lemons and cinnamon sticks into your natural garland? The citrus scent combined with the scent of pine is worth breathing in.

Next, if there are cherished large pieces of decor you have, you will want to place them in your decor outdoors next. If you have a cherished set of reindeer and sleigh, find the perfect place for them in the front of your house, and work around it. You need to have a focal point for your display. Be sure when you are placing your large pieces you are mindful of not blocking your driveway or walking paths. No one wants to spend Christmas with a broken ankle.

Finally, be sure your display is as spectacular during the evening as it is during the day. You’ll want to have a lot of lights to brighten the landscape. Not only will they make your house look festive, but they’ll also highlight your gorgeous decorations. Now you have some great tips for making your holiday house stand out!

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