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Are you designing a custom home? If so, don’t forget about natural light! Building a custom home with natural light will make your space feel brighter, more inviting, and comfortable. For tips on how to add natural light to your custom built home, just continue reading.

Natural Lighting from Noah Construction

One of the first ways to increase the natural light in your custom home is by placing windows strategically. By placing windows close to adjacent walls, you can allow sunlight to reflect. This increases the amount of natural lighting in a space, and also maximizes the efficiency of natural lighting.

The next tip to increase natural lighting in a custom built home is to install tubular skylights. A tubular skylight directs sunlight from the roof through a tube, adding natural light to main floor rooms and hallways that don’t have a natural source of light. Some of these tubes are available with bulbs, while others have remote controlled shades or discs that can act as a dimmer.

Multi-panel sliding doors are another tip that can increase natural sunlight in a custom built home. With these doors, you are maximizing the amount of light that can flood into a room. The floor to ceiling sliders open up a space and welcome in plenty of sunlight on nice weather days.

When selecting windows for your custom built home, consider clerestory, transom, or backsplash windows. Clerestory windows are a row of windows used above eye level, which bring natural light into a space. Transom windows are a window that is placed above a door frame. Similar to clerestory, these windows welcome in additional light. Finally, backsplash windows are windows used in kitchens made from glass. These windows replace traditional backsplash to welcome in more light without compromising on stylish design.

For help designing your custom built home, reach out to Noah Construction & Builders. We are available by phone at 631-750-2837, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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